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Wonderful Gifts You Can Get for your Lovely Mom and Dad in Singapore

Wonderful Gifts You Can Get for your Lovely Mom and Dad in Singapore

Your mom and dad are two of the most important people in your life. Without them, you will not be in this world today to enjoy the many fun and enjoyable pleasures of life. They were there to feed you, put clothes on your back, provide a fulfilling education and do so much for you throughout your growing years. As such, a simple gesture that you can do to show them how much you care is by presenting them with gifts. If they have a great sense of humour, then our own funny gifts should suffice, if not, here are some wonderful gifts you can get for your lovely mom and dad.

For Mom
Nothing is sweeter for your mom and says I love you a lot, than chocolates, perfumes and flowers. When choosing chocolates, do not be a scrooge and get the ones from your local provision store. Instead, find the high end and deliciously rich ones, which contain more cocoa than milk, from elegant chocolate boutique shops. Similarly for perfumes, do not just buy the ones from budget supermarkets. If you can afford it, you should instead endeavour to get your mom a slightly more expensive and fragrant perfume from brands such Chanel, Dior and Davidoff.

For the ultimate and sweetest present, then nothing beats the tried and tested flowers. Flowers are beautiful, come in different colours and fragrances, and will never fail to bring serenity and joy to most moms. The most common types of flowers include roses, sunflowers, hibiscus and more. You can choose to give your mom flowers as a one time gift, or keep the love going by sending her monthly deliveries of flowers. But if you unsure of which flowers delivery Singapore companies to order from, then go to companies or download their app, to peruse through their extensive range of flower options from various florists and flower shops.

For Dad
If you had to choose only one gift for your dad, then get him a shaving kit or better still, a monthly shaving subscription box. An affordable monthly subscription will allow him to pick his own shaver and deliver a monthly stash of new blades to keep him looking clean. A practical dad would love this gift because it would help him save time and resources. More importantly, the blades are of high quality. When choosing a monthly shaving subscription, look for one that offers freebies and discounts. In this way, the discounts and great freebies can make your dad happy and clean shaved throughout the year!

For Both Mom and Dad

Singapore Trading Post
Add a piece of history and culture to your parents’ vintage collection by buying them stuff from Singapore Trading Post. They sell a wide array of items, including teak and rattan planter chairs, and pop culture items depicting Singapore’s heritage. But the real highlight of their collection is their tin ice buckets, which your parents will surely find fantastic! Visit Singapore Trading Post at their shop at #07/01 Tan Boon Liat, 315 Outram Road. You can also browse their collections on their website, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

Carousel Restaurant
Treat your parents to the ultimate and elegant buffet meal at Carousel Restaurant, located within the premises of Royal Plaza on Scotts. Carousel offers high tea, lunch or dinner buffets for your parents’ feasting pleasure. It offers a never-ending selection of local, regional and international dishes. If it's their birthday, you can inform the staff there, and they will put on an elaborate performance, while singing a special happy birthday song and presenting a slice of birthday cake to your mom or dad during the buffet session.

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