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Types of Door Gifts for Functions

Types of Door Gifts for Functions

Door gifts are simply gifts that you present to attendees of a function like weddings, birthday parties and even corporate events. As the name suggests, these types of gifts are usually presented to the attendees at the entrance, either before they enter or exit the main door/entrance. However, there are some door gifts that are presented at other locations apart from the main door/entrance. The term is actually used loosely in many contexts, but the main idea is to reflect a gift that is given out to attendees or participants at a function, so as to grab their attention and serve as a memento.

Before we dwell on the types of door gifts for a function, let’s look at some of the benefits of presenting door gifts.

One of the main benefits of door gifts is to show your appreciation towards the attendees for taking the time to grace your event, and make it successful. When the attendees feel that they are appreciated, they will be more engaged in the activities or programmes of the function. In addition, if they truly enjoyed your function, they will pass the word around, and this in turn will boost your image and reputation.

Door gifts are an affordable way to present tokens to your attendees, without breaking the bank or swelling your budget. Most door gifts have a reasonable unit cost, and usually if you order them in bulk from the supplier, you will receive additional discounts. As such, with door gifts, you can cater to the large number of attendees, especially if you are organising a major event, while still keeping your budget in check.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of door gifts, let’s dive into the types of gifts you can present to your function attendees.

Types of Gifts

Everyday Usable Items
These are the most common types of door gifts that are presented during functions. The items may include, but not limited to, stationery like pens and pencils, office equipment like paper weights, staplers and folders, inexpensive electronic devices like thumb drives, memory drives and headphones, and common items like foldable bags and mini umbrellas. These items are usually utilised by the attendees, and can also serve as a souvenir to make them remember the great time they had at your function.

Memorable and Memento Photo
The next type of door gift that is increasingly gaining traction at many popular functions and events, are memento photos that attendees can take with their family, friends and colleagues. These are usually taken at photo booths that are set up near the entrance of the function. Function organisers will engage professional companies such as AwwSnap to set up photo booth props, for attendees to take fun, wacky and entertaining photos. For some attendees, these photos usually leave a much lasting impression on them, as compared to most other door gifts they have received before.

Presenting door gifts to your function attendees is a great way to show your appreciation to them, and make them remember your function. In addition, buying certain door gifts in bulk is cost effective. So the next time you are planning a function, remember to include door gifts as part of your function agenda.

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