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Top 4 Gag Items you Can Give as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Top 4 Gag Items you Can Give as Corporate Gifts in Singapore


In Singapore, employers usually give corporate gifts to their employees as a sign of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The most common types of corporate gifts are items that can be used in the office like pens, thumb drives, cases, business card holders and document holders. But if you really want to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your employees, then you should consider giving them gag gifts instead. Here are the top 4 gag items you can give as corporate gifts in Singapore.  

Funny Mugs

The first gag item that is suitable for corporate gifts are funny mugs. These mugs can come with funny inscriptions or designs that will definitely brighten anyone’s day. In addition, there is a very high chance that your employees will use the mugs to make their morning beverages such as coffee or tea, either at home or in the workplace pantry. Each time they take a sip and laugh at the funny inscriptions, they will always remember that you gave them the mug and be appreciative towards you.

Customised Funny Shirts

Next, you can present funny shirts to your employees. While shirts have been given by employers as corporate gifts in Singapore, they usually come in boring, plain old colours or designs. With customised funny shirts though, you can allow your employees to choose which funny designs they prefer, and the option to add their names on the shirts. This will give them a sense of empowerment, satisfaction and make them feel that their opinion matters.

Funny Phone Cases

In today’s world, almost everyone has a branded smartphone to spend most of their time texting, surfing the internet, chatting, playing games and doing various other activities. Due to the heavy usage, people usually cover their smartphones with phone cases to protect them from scratches and damage. By giving your employees phone cases with funny designs, you will be able to put a smile on their faces each time they see those designs when they utilise their smartphones. In this way, you will not only help them protect their precious smartphones, but also liven up their day. 

Funny Pillow Cases

Pillow cases are usually not conventional corporate gifts for your employees. But if you want to think out of the box and spice things up, then you should consider presenting them with funny pillow cases. Just imagine the smile you will bring to your employees’ faces and how much fun they will have going back to bed or waking up in the morning, each time they see the funny designs on their pillows.

And there you have it, the top 4 gag items that can be given as corporate gifts in Singapore. These funny gifts may not be the most expensive of gifts, but they will definitely leave a more priceless, lasting effect on your employees. So instead of choosing mundane and common corporate gifts for your next corporate event, why not consider these gag gifts to spice up your employees’ lives, boost their morale and ultimately, improve their productivity.



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