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Do’s and Don’ts Of Corporate Gifts

Do’s and Don’ts Of Corporate Gifts

The practise of corporate gifting is a tradition nowadays and it is very common for companies to give gifts to their employees, existing clients and prospective customers. It can be a welcoming gift, a gift to express goodwill, gratitude, congratulate and strengthen business relationships between clients and customers. However, while it's alright to give them gag gifts, there are a few precautions to be taken while giving a gift. Here are a few suggestions on what you should do and what you should not do while giving a corporate gift-


Personalize The Gift
A personalised gift says a lot about the gift and conveys genuine meaning. A personalised gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Giving an expensive gift without any value to it is not effective. However, giving a small gift with a lot of thought and effort put into it speaks a lot about yourself and more importantly your morals. A personalised gift can as well be a simple gift with a personal handwritten note expressing gratitude or thankfulness gives a positive and significant meaning as it tells the receiver that you acknowledge them. Personalised gifts Singapore companies can also have the receiver’s name or organisation engraved onto them making the gift look and feel unique.

Be Appropriate
Compared to giving gifts to friends, corporate gift giving is difficult because it comes with a lot of guidelines. You can customise and personalise the gift but it should still be appropriate in a business environment. While giving a gift, it should not be too funny or too casual or too personal. Also, it must not be like a bribe. If you are unsure regarding the gift, try to picture yourself as the receiver of that gift and think how you would feel if someone else gave it to you.


Don’t Insert Promotions
The primary purpose of giving a gift is to acknowledge someone for their effort, showing gratitude and being thankful. The practise of gift giving must be a caring gesture and not as a promotional act. Since you are giving a gift to someone on behalf of the company, it is natural to put the company’s logo however, do not put emphasis on it to be like a marketing piece. If the gift is meaningful and appropriate, the receiver will remember you and choose to work with you.

Don’t Compromise Quality
When you start to plan on corporate gifts, the first thing to consider is budget. There are a wide variety of corporate gifts specific to the type of event and person receiving it so you may not be able to get what you want within the assigned budget. However, it is important that you choose the best gift that comes within your budget. Do not try to choose inferior quality gifts while choosing corporate gifts as these gifts represent your company are given as gratitude, token appreciation and bridge the gap between the company and client. So, they need to be of top quality.

Giving corporate gifts is different from giving personal gifts. Corporate gifts have long lasting effects and any mishap can give your company a bad reputation. So, it is important to put a lot of effort into assigning the budget, choosing the most suitable gift, personalizing them and presenting them in an appropriate manner. Once you have done your proper planning, check out our site, 786.Gifts or Axxel Marketing for all the best corporate gifts.

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