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Best Ways to Save When Shopping for Muslim Fashion Ware Gifts 

Best Ways to Save When Shopping for Muslim Fashion Ware Gifts 

Much like how you would go to a halal restaurant if you are dining out with a Muslim friend, you also need to be cautious of the type of gift you would present to him or her. You must ensure that the gift does not contain any elements that are haram or non-permissible by Islamic laws. While you can still present your friend with funny gifts that do not contain any offensive/vulgar messages, getting her/him Muslim fashion ware gifts would still be one of your safest bets. 

Muslim fashion ware encompasses many aspect from the best abaya, stylish jubahs, best hijabs and much more. Just like other forms of fashion, its prices can range depending on the popularity of the brand, quality of material used and complexity in making the clothing. With that said, it does not mean that you cannot find cheap Muslim fashion ware gifts out there. You will need to know the best ways though, to find the most affordable ones without compromising quality and style.

Best Ways to Find Affordable Muslim Fashion Ware Gifts:

Now that you know what is Muslim fashion about, let’s look into the best ways to find affordable Muslim fashion ware gifts.

Look for Alternatives

The first cost saving tip in choosing affordable Muslim fashion ware gifts is to find alternatives. When a brand new fashion line of Muslim clothings is released, don’t be hasty and immediately purchase them. Instead source for places which offer similar brands and designs but at more affordable prices. You can scout areas like marketplaces, bazaars or side street shops rather than lavish shopping centres. Lavish shopping centres will usually mark up the prices to cover their high operating costs so it is usually wiser not to purchase your clothing gifts from there if you are on a tight budget.

Be Patient

Remember the old saying, ‘Patience is a virtue’? Well, this is so true when it comes to finding affordable Muslim fashion ware gifts. In fact, being patient also complements the previous way and can be very effective if done right. Do not rush to buy the latest fashion ware when it is just released in stores. During this period, demand will be high, so many stores will jack up the prices and earn greater profits. As such, if you are in no hurry to buy the gift for your Muslim friend, you should then wait for a while, when prices drop or near festive seasons or clearance sales, when shops will usually give discounts to attract more customers.

Go Straight to Supplier

The next lesser known way of obtaining affordable Muslim fashion ware gifts is to look for the manufacturers of the clothing and purchase directly from them rather than distributors. Distributors essentially act as middle men to provide the clothings to the mass public. They get the clothings at a cheaper rate from the manufacturers, and then they mark up the prices to break even and make profits. If you omit the middleman, by going straight to manufacturers, you may get cheaper prices.

Buy Online

Another way that is quickly picking up traction is to obtain Muslim fashion ware gifts from online shops. Such shops may offer similar brands and designs at more affordable prices, as compared to traditional brick and mortar shops. This is due to the fact that online shops may have lesser overhead costs like rent, utilities and employee salaries to cover. Some may even offer insane discounts and special offers which you can’t find in traditional brick and mortar shops.

One such example is HijabDressUp, a trendy online Muslimah clothing shop. With some of the best abaya designs, elegant jubahs and even best burkini swimwear, HijabDressUp has all the latest Muslimah clothing for you to choose from, to get the perfect Muslim fashion ware gifts for your friend.

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