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4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas That Show You Truly Care

4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas That Show You Truly Care

Our loved ones such as our parents, spouse, children and friends have always been there for us and never fail to help us in our times of need. To show our gratitude for their love and sacrifice, we should present them with gifts. One of the best gifts that you can give them are gag gifts such as funny mugs, shirts and necklaces, to bring a smile to their faces. These gifts and more can of course, be found on our site. Apart from funny gifts, you can consider gifts that are practical and beneficial, or have health and educational benefits, and not just paperweights that don't bring much value to your loved ones. So without further ado, here are 4 thoughtful gift ideas that show you truly care.


Dresses are one of the most practical and beneficial gifts that you can present to your loved ones, to show them how thoughtful you are. Dresses come in many sizes, shapes, designs and colours, and there is definitely one that is suitable and attractive for your loved one. In addition, dresses can be worn over many times and on many different occasions by your loved one, making it a practical and cost effective gift. If you are in doubt of where to begin your search for dresses, look no further than They offer a wide range of dresses such as work dresses, trapeze casuals, crochet laces, maxi dresses, midi dresses and even dresses for moms and kids. 


The second thoughtful gift on the list are puzzles. In this age of smartphones, video games and tablets, puzzles are a great way to get your loved ones away from these technological devices. They are not only fun to play with and help to pass time effectively, they also stimulate the brain and get the creative juices flowing. For example, word puzzles make individuals practise their vocabulary and language while jigsaw puzzles get them to tap into their creative minds to fit the pieces together. In fact, by working and solving puzzles together with your family members, you can foster closer ties with them. Thus, puzzles are one of the most thoughtful gifts to get your loved ones, to show how you really care for them.

Healthy Food

The next gift idea on our list are healthy foods, which are generally good for digestion and blood circulation. In addition, they provide energy, minerals and vitamins, and help to improve the immune system and overall well being of your loved ones. This type of gift is especially meaningful to loved ones who like to count the calories in the food they eat, or simply those who are health conscious. You may even wish to consider organic foods that are grown naturally, free of pesticides, artificial ingredients and preservatives, and pack full of flavours. When you are preparing the gifts, you can stack up these foods in a gift hamper, or bundle them nicely in a box and cover it with the most attractive gift wraps. In this way, you will help to bring the thoughtfulness level up 10 notches, and really show your loved ones how much you truly care for them.

Skincare Products

Skincare products are especially good for loved ones who like to wear creams, oils, lotions and balms, that help to nourish the skin and improve its overall condition. In addition, you can also present them to loved ones who suffer from certain skin conditions that can be treated with specific skincare products. For example, if you know of loved ones who have a skin condition like eczema, you may wish to present them with Eczema Cream by Suu Balm, as a gift. In  case you are not sure, eczema is red, itchy and scaly rash on the skin that develops on certain parts of the body. While eczema cannot be totally prevented, regular use of Eczema Cream by Suu Balm will help to reduce the risk of the condition from further exacerbation. 

Showering our loved ones with gifts is one of the best ways to show them how much we care. However, you should not just present gifts that are paperweights and don't bring much value to your loved ones. As such, always bear in mind to consider thoughtful gifts such as dresses, puzzles, healthy food and skincare products, to truly show your loved ones how much you care for them. 

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